About me

Welcome, my name is Alicyn Murphy.  My work explores the tenuous relationship between the real and the constructed, and the practices that arise in response to that division.  With spoken language, especially, we tend to develop words to signify difference rather than sameness.  In terms of embroidery I hope to create a language that allows me to imply the commonalities of seemingly opposing forces—via the thread they share.

Graduated summa cum laude from New Hampshire Institute of Art in May 2013.

Published in New Hampshire Magazine

Created Jiz Lee‘s 2013 Holiday Card inspired by a piece by Shilo McCabe!  You can see this piece on my Erotic Embroidery pageremember, NSFW.

Two pieces from my Erotic Embroidery Series are featured in the Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship Competition 2014.  Received a scholarship award in memory of Kazu Sanu.

Find me on Twitter @studysaysno